Handmade leather bags from high quality leather

Experience the activities of our brand. After taking over the business from our family, we made it our hobby and passion. We put our passion into our high quality leather bags, through this we created our handling bags for ladies, small or big as well as our weekender collection and our business bags. Our store specializes in leather, and we believe our new design directions are sure to please you.

Our personalized leather shoulder bag for women

The personalized leather shoulder bag for women, whether small or large, are handmade from genuine leather with high quality.

Of course, a leather shoulder bag for women is always a good choice, especially if it is made of leather. The right shoulder bag can enhance your outfit. And our shoulder bag for women with the highest quality leather is the perfect bag for going out. Leather shoulder bag for women in large or small version is a simple but trendy fashion accessory. The shoulder bag has a wide variation in size, with a zippered compartment on the side where you can store conclusion and cards for more than just one day.

The unique weekender bag for women

Whether it’s for the day or two or the week, if you’re traveling, our Weekender bag for women is the perfect choice. Made from excellent leather in a lightweight yet durable quality, it’s the perfect bag for everything you need to take with you on your trip. This is the reason why the Weekender women bag is the perfect companion to travel with.

Our business bags are real highlights.

Whether you are going to work, to a business meeting or just sightseeing – with a practical business bag you will always make yourself look respectable. Our range includes different business bags in many great colors. Take advantage of our great deals and buy now!