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Leather is a unique natural product

Leather has a very special individual charm, unlike industrial products that offer a standardized quality; as a natural product, every leather is a unique item that receives its individual charm through environmental influences, color, structure and light, as you would from a good leather belt or to appreciate reversible belts. As a leather-working producer, Erdi Ünver attaches great importance to the controlled purchase of goods. During the tanning and production of the leather, strict European regulations and guidelines on chemicals and tanning agents are adhered to, which is why our tanneries are bound by the European-wide regulations of the REACH regulation. Compliance with legal regulations on animal husbandry and the processing of raw materials into real quality leather is very important to us in the manufacture of all our leather products such as wallets, leather belts, reversible belts, etc. At Erdi Ünver, the demand for uncompromising quality begins with the raw material and is the visible sign of love and responsibility towards humans and animals.

High quality material in the best workmanship

We only consider the best raw materials! Our production attaches great importance to the leather quality for our wallets and leather belts. Of course, as a producer, we consistently rely on high-quality workmanship that does justice to the leather materials, and our leather fiber mixes inside, as well as precisely placed seams in our leather belts, so that our leather belts and reversible belts as well as all of our products are reliable and durable in processing.

Leather is our passion

Leather is not just our passion, it’s our passion! A good wallet, a supple reversible belt or a solid leather belt offers a high level of comfort. The special thing about leather is its versatility. It is soft and at the same time breathable as well as tear and windproof. Leather has ultra-modern properties in addition to protecting leather from the cold and repelling heat. We are fascinated by leather and would like to invite you to get to know all the advantages of this extraordinary material even better. The perfect workmanship and the resulting aesthetics, functionality and comfort of a leather accessory made of real leather will convince you too.

Types of leather

Our reversible belts, leather belts and wallets are outstanding quality products in numerous leather colors, designs and cuts that leave nothing to be desired. Every wallet, every reversible belt, every leather belt is first class and convinces right away. Natural, elegant and stylish, leather belts, reversible belts and a pretty wallet are not only functional, but also extremely trendy – an eye-catcher for every individual outfit. The leather accessories have a rustic charm. The slightly wicked touch is then given to the leather belt or wallet through the ravages of time, because the environmental influences conjure up real fashion classics from these utensils and accessories. In combination with an elegant or casual outfit, these are fashionably a perfect finish.