The men’s belt made of the finest leather

The high quality men’s leather belt

Belts not only have a function as a holder of the pants, but are also visually a real eye-catcher and sometimes even a feature of prestige. But also on the subject of belts, the accessory for men, there is a lot to consider. Because how do you determine the right length of the leather belt? Which belt should be worn when?

The best accessory for men…

…is the high-quality leather belt for men, because it directly catches the eye. Even with men’s belts, certain rules apply in terms of fashion. Accessories complement their style, they are in a way the icing on the cake of their outfit. Therefore, they should individually choose the appropriate accessory to their clothes. The most uncomplicated variant is the leather belt. You will not go wrong with a good leather belt. With a leather belt it is ultimately like with shoes. You simply can not own enough of them. And especially men’s belts should always be matched to the shoes, if possible. Means quite practically: black shoes to black leather belt and brown shoes to brown leather belt. Actually quite easy. But especially with brown leather belts, you should still pay special attention to the color tone, because not all brown is the same. There are, for example, camel, dark brown or even cognac, so you should already pay some attention to the color coordination with the shoes. Especially with a suit and shirt, the matching of leather belt and shoes is not to be dispensed with. For casual outfits, the black, classic men’s belt always fits. But men’s belts are available in addition to the classic variant with different eye-catching buckles, colors or made of textile fabric. Depending on their style, they will definitely find the right leather belt for themselves.

The right measure for men’s belts

The right measure of men’s belts is also determined by the waist measurement method. This variant is very practical and is basically used. The tape measure is used to measure either the waist circumference where you normally wear your belt, or the loop area of the pants you are looking for a belt to go with. The measurement result is rounded up or down to 5 or 0 to give the waistband measurement. This waist measurement indicates the length of the belt. For example, if you measure 93cm, you round up or down, both are possible. So you need a belt in size 90 or 95 depending on whether you round up or down. In principle, the following applies: If the leather belt is closed in the middle, usually the third, belt hole, then it has the right length. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The right care for men’s belts

With proper care for men’s belt remains a high-quality, leather belt for men long supple and presentable. It is important to grease the leather belt regularly so that it does not dry out, become brittle, dull and cracked. Special leather greases or oils are best suited for this purpose. Please do not use home remedies such as olive oil, they begin to smell over time. Leather oils can work wonders even for hard, dried out leather belts and ensure that the leather belt becomes soft and supple again. When caring for your man’s belt, make sure you don’t apply too little, but also not too much oil or grease, neither of which will do your man’s belt any good. So just put a little on a rag and apply evenly to the men’s belt. To avoid their men’s belt forgiveness, just wear it alternately right or left.