Women’s belt made of the finest leather

The H belt for women

H belts not only have a task as a holder of the pants, but are also visually a real eye-catcher and sometimes even an imprint of the prestige. But also on the subject of belts, the accessory for women, there is a lot to consider. Because how do you determine the right length of the leather belt? Which belt should be worn when?

The right care for women’s belts

Who counts a leather belt for ladies to his accessories, it should also sufficiently maintain. With the right care, you will also have their pleasure for a long time. Without care, their leather belt can become brittle, brittle, and lackluster or even get cracks. Therefore, they maintain their leather belts regularly with leather greases or oils. Then, your leather belt remains soft and supple, which increases the wearing comfort. Due to the regular opening and closing of the leather belt, it can easily deform. To counteract this warping of the leather belt, it is best to wear it alternately right and left.

The right size for women’s belts

Sizing for leather belts is measured from the base of the spine to the center hole. To determine your size, it is best to measure your waist circumference at the point where you usually wear your leather belt. For example, if it is 95 cm, you should order your leather belt in size 95. The belt length of the classic belts is always measured at the length of the inner edge of the belt buckle to the middle hole of the leather belt. If you have any questions, please contact one of us.

The right women belt for your style

A women belt is not only a very popular accessory, but it is also practical and functional at the same time. It is precisely the variety of manufacturing methods and materials used that make a leather belt for ladies the ideal accessory for any outfit. Much more, the leather belt makes the outfit complete and can really freshen up even plain looks.

A leather belt with high-quality, finely crafted buckles made of precious metals such as copper, silver or gold fits perfectly with more noble outfits, but can also give a rather sporty outfit of blouse and jeans an elegant touch. Leather belts with interesting buckles set fashionable highlights with simple outfits and become real eye-catchers in eye-catching, bright colors with rather discreet clothing. But a leather belt has much more to offer. Leather belts have long ceased to be purely functional trouser holders, but are also perfect as waist belts with other tops or classic dresses. Leather belts look particularly feminine curved above around the hips. Thus, leather belts for women conjure up a beautiful, narrow, but still feminine silhouette. Especially on classic dresses, are bright dyeing leather belts in bright colors a real highlight.

With a short blazer, blouse and business skirt, the classic, narrow, black leather belt still fits best. With a plain, black leather belt, they can round off any of hundreds of outfits. Just the way they like it. But how about a wide suede belt to go with their slim, black business pants?

You want to be dressed simple, elegant, and yet fancy? Then why not try the combination of a straight cut knit dress and a wide, eye-catching waist belt in your favorite color. Or how about narrow cotton pants, a noble sweater made of cashmere and an elegant, narrow H belt made of embossed leather with a filigree buckle. Maybe try the combination of black skinny jeans, a short blazer and a feminine smooth leather belt with matching high heels in a special color.